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2. Electronic communications

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5. Breach

We reserve the right to cancel your enrolment if you are found to breach any of these terms.

6. Framing

It is expressly prohibited for any entity, business, person or website to represent any page on this website, on their website so that it appears to be their own information, in any way whatsoever, such as framing.

7. Linking

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8.8 Direct damages limited. Our maximum liability to you for all claims for direct damages related to this website is R100.
8.9 Indirect damages. We will never be responsible for any indirect damages.

9. Costs and Fees

9.1 The price of online courses offered by SRA She Solutions are subject to change in terms of section 12.2.
9.2 Registrations will be effected once payment is received and is subject to a turnaround time of 24 hours.
9.3 VAT is included in the price of the course.

10. Payment Method

10.1 Offline payment for courses are to be processed by the student and once payment is received by SRA She Solutions, a 24 hour turnaround time will be applied for the enrolment process to be completed.
10.2 Payment receipts and allocations are processed offline at a later stage.
10.3 Once the enrolment process is completed as per 10.1, the student will be able to log in and access the purchased course.

11. Severability

These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between SRA She Solutions and you, the user of this web site. Any failure by SRA She Solutions to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall in no way constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

12. Changes and Amendments

12.1 SRA SHE Solutions may in its sole discretion, change the terms and conditions of using its websites at any time without prior notice.
12.2 SRA SHE Solutions expressly reserves the right, in its absolute and sole discretion, to alter and/or amend any prices, criteria and information quoted on SRA SHE Solutions website without prior notice.

13. Termination and Term

This agreement shall commence when the user starts using the SRA SHE Solutions website and continues until terminated by SRA SHE Solutions upon the expiry date of the applicable course. 

14. Privacy Policy

14.1 SRA SHE Solutions is committed to protecting our users’ privacy.
14.2 SRA SHE Solutions collects personal information as part of the enrolment process and automatically when you visit this website.
14.3 We may use any of your personal information that you provide to us for the purposes that you indicated when you agreed to provide it to us.
14.4 internet usage information, such as the IP-address and user’s domain is stored on the user’s computer as a cookie file and in a statistics file on the web sever. This information is used to improve the service offered to users and is collected.
14.5 SRA SHE Solutions will only retain your personal information for as long as is necessary.
14.6 Access to personal information is strictly controlled and monitored and only accessible to authorised staff.
14.7 We may disclose personal information to third parties if required for legal reasons.
14.8 By using SRA SHE Solutions website the user consents to the SRA SHE Solutions using personal information about the user to communicate with the user.
14.9 All reasonable actions will be taken to secure the users personal information.
14.10 It is expressly prohibited for any entity, person or business to gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access to any information on this website, or to deliver or attempt to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this website. Any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any unauthorised, damaging or malicious code to this website or attempts to gain unauthorised access to any page on this website shall be held criminally liable, and in the event that SRA SHE Solutions should suffer any damage or loss, civil damages will be claimed.

POPIA – South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act

POPIA – South Africa’s new data protection law, in brief
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no longer only just a European data privacy law, it has also become a global data privacy standard – and the speed with which this standard is spreading around the world is increasing, ensuring a higher level of protection of end-user privacy on the Internet.
South Africa’s POPIA is the latest major data privacy law in the world to be modelled closely after the EU’s GDPR (and the ePrivacy Directive) – empowering its citizens with enforceable rights over their personal information, establishing eight minimum requirements for data processing (e.g. introducing consent as a required legal basis), creating a broad definition of personal information for comprehensive end-user protection, as well as forming the Information Regulator (SAIR) as lead enforcer and supervisor of the law.
On July 1, 2021, South Africa’s POPIA went into enforcement. Anticipating this, South Africa’s Information Regulator released a statement 100 days prior detailing its prioritized focus areas, including –
Creating codes of conduct for POPIA compliance
Reviewing draft guidelines for information officer registrations
Finalizing guidance notes and templates for prior authorization, and security compromise and cross-border personal information notifications.
South Africa’s Information Regulator also states in the March 24 statement that the compulsory registration of information officers will be available on their website from May 1, 2021 under the title Guidance Note on Information Officers.
Scope and application of POPIA
POPIA applies to any processing (collection, recording, organizing, sharing, using, storing etc.) of personal information by a responsible party(website, company or organization) located in South Africa or outside, if they use means to process in South Africa.

POPIA creates the following rights for South African citizens (data subjects) –
– Right to be notified about collection and processing of personal information
– Right to access personal information
– Right to request correction of personal information
– Right to request deletion of personal information
– Right to object to the processing of personal information
– Right not to have personal information processed for the purpose of direct marketing by means of unsolicited electronic communications (clearly reflecting the ePrivacy Directive and not the GDPR)
– Right to not be subject to a decision which results in legal circumstances based solely on the basis of the automated processing
– Right to complain to the Information Regulator
– Right to effect judicial remedy

POPIA establishes eight conditions for lawful processing of data in South Africa –
1. Accountability – SRA SHE Solutions processes are lawful and done in a non-privacy infringing way.
2. Processing limitation – SRA SHE Solutions processes personal information of students, employees and service providers only for the given purpose which is fair and lawful.
3. Purpose specification – Personal information of SRA SHE Solutions students, employees and service providers are processed with specific purpose and is explicitly defined and legitimate.
4. Further processing limitation – SRA SHE Solutions additional processing of students, employees and service providers must still be in accordance with original purpose that the end-user gave their consent to.
5. Information quality – SRA SHE Solutions ensures that the data of its students, employees and service providers is complete, accurate and updated.
6. Openness – SRA SHE Solutions students, employees and service providers should be aware that their personal information is collected.
7. Security safeguards – SRA SHE Solutions must ensure protection and confidentiality of personal information of students, employees and service providers.
8. Data subject participation – SRA SHE Solutions must ensure that end-users can exercise their rights to access, correct and delete their data.