If you are in search of the most comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental Management course, look no further than SHEMTech.

This Health and Safety Management course is a truly effective course which enables the graduate of this program to establish and maintain a culture of safety that permeates an entire organization. 

SHEMTech® [Safety Health and Environmental Management Technology] is one of the most sort after Health and Safety Management courses to date.

Aligned to Unit Standard Unit Standard 244283 and accredited through Saiosh, you are guaranteed of quality education that will form a solid basis for your career in Safety Management.

Whether you are at the start of your Safety Career or advancing your existing career, 

SHEMTech will equip you with vital, relevant and effective knowledge to Plan, Develop and Implement a comprehensive Safety Management system which is Legally compliant.

 Outcome 1: Discuss fundamental issues pertaining to safety, health and environment.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate understanding on safety, health and environmental theories and principles.

Outcome 3: Apply the fundamentals of risk management

Outcome 4: Apply safety, health and environmental management systems.

Register today and harness the unlimited potential of SHEMTech®, the course that goes beyond the basis of standard safety management principles and components of legislation. 

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Estimated Time: 30 days

Difficulty: Advanced


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