SHE Auditor

Course Outline

This course will take the learners through a detailed proven procedure for effective internal audits. Whilst the course is directed towards a SHE Management System, the principles can be applied to audit any SHE System /process. 

Plan and prepare for the audit process, produce an audit plan, inform affected stakeholders of audit plan, collect and record audit data, evaluate findings for conformance /nonconformance to legislation, company policy and procedures, compile, process and circulate the findings report to affected parties, discuss audit findings and make suitable recommendations with affected parties, evaluate, record and process the corrective action(s) improvements made, communicate the audit plan to affected parties, conduct the audit process, collect on-site data of   compliance and noncompliance, interpret and evaluate findings, determine conformance and nonconformance, compile an audit report, report on the audit findings, follow up and evaluate corrective action(s) and improvements made discuss and explain auditing process and the purpose of auditing.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 Months

Difficulty: Advanced


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