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Upon completion of the course, the successful learner will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to work at height safely, thereby minimising the risk of falling and increasing the learner’s chances of survival should a fall occur. Learners who need this training are typically required to climb structures and position themselves safely while performing work at height. They do not participate in emergency operations and must, therefore, work under the supervision of a person who is qualified /skilled to carry out Rescue procedures from fall arrest systems.

Demonstrate basic knowledge of the limitations of a limited space, range of fall arrest equipment and regulations, inspect, assemble and store fall arrest equipment, select suitable anchor points, use fall arrest systems with a double lanyard, use pre-installed vertical and horizontal lifelines and explain and reducing risks during rescue.

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Estimated Time: 30 days

Difficulty: Beginner


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Outcome 2 : Describe the Requirements for Inspection, Care and Storage of Fall Protection Equipment.

Outcome 3 : Describe the Requirements for Ladders, Scaffolds, Working Platforms and Elevated Positions.