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Educate and train about Risks and Hazards associated with the work environment.

Preserve life and the environment ensuring safety at all times.

New career or advancing your present one?

SRA will help your reach your goals and ambition within the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

Do you want to further your career?

Is your organisation failing to comply with Legislation?

Manage your Risk Efficiently and Effectively?

Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management

accredited with merSETA, Saiosh, IOSH UK and MQA.

Advanced Safety Management

Whether you are at the start of your Safety Career or advancing your existing career, SHEMTech will equip you with vital, relevant and effective knowledge to Plan, Develop and Implement a comprehensive Safety Management system which is Legally compliant.

National Public Training Schedule

Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Qheberha.

10 May 2022

Identify, evaluate and record safety, health and environmental hazards in their designated work areas, and be able to evaluate the risks attached to operational tasks and processes.

R 895

13 May 2022

The successful learner will be capable of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic firefighting equipment.

R 795

18-19 May 2022

Assisting learners with emergency protocols that need to be followed to ensure correct and legal first aid is given when responding to any emergency situation.

R 925

24 May 2022

Identify and explain the legal and organisational specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents. 

R 895

27 May 2022

Conduct and support safety, health and environmental risk assessments at work.

R 925

National Public Training Schedule

Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Qheberha.

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