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Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management.

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Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management

accredited with merSETA, Saiosh, IOSH UK and MQA

Emergency Courage

Emergency courses aims to equip candidates with vital knowledge required to respond to an emergency situation such as a Fire, Emergency evacuation, First Aid etc.

Legal Courses

These courses will equip Management, Supervisors, Team leaders, Staff and Contractors on the Health and Safety Act and various regulations. Knowledge is the key to Health and Safety Management, Risk Mitigation and Legal protection.

Introductory Courses

These courses have been designed to start you on your journey in the Field of Health and Safety. This section comprises of entry level courses to equip you and your employees on Basic Health and Safety requirements.

Industry Specific Courses

Instead of generic courses, you can choose from a number of Industry specific Health and Safety courses. These courses have been designed with your processes and risks in mind. These courses include Confined space entry, Working at heights, Hazchem, Asbestos Handling and many more. 

Specialised Courses

Health, Safety and Environmental Management required specialised training in certain departments as the risk for injury may increase with specific tasks such as Stack and Store or Housekeeping or Machine handling. This section lists courses that will assist the SHE Department to control Risk within the organisation.

Audits & Risk Assessment

Safety Audits and Risk Assessments are essential in managing Health and Safety within the workplace. These courses will equip candidates with the vital skills and knowledge required to plan, implement and control Risks more effectively.

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Yes, SRA has highly professional and knowledgeable facilitators countrywide. We are therefore able to service all branches of your organization thereby ensuring that your company receives the same professional training for effective Safety management through your company.

All our facilitators speak multiple languages; hence they are more versatile in training and assisting employees to better understand and grasp concepts.

SRA will provide your company initially with electronic certificates which will shortly be followed by the original certificates. All certificates will be endorsed with our SRA certificate seal and signatures.

Yes, our courses are interactive. Our facilitators cover the course content extensively, play relevant videos and conduct either assessments or a Q&A session to ensure that all attendees grasp the concepts effectively.

Our short Virtual classes are conducted over a span of a few hours and our more complex courses over a day or two. The duration of the courses will be discussed when your booking has been made.

You are welcome to visit our Introductory course list. All of these courses are effective to get you started in Health and Safety. Many employees look for candidates with these qualifications.

Our short courses range from 30 days up to 12 months.

This does not mean that you need to take the full duration of the course to complete your studies.

You can take anything from a just a few hours up to the full duration of the course.

The choice is entirely yours.

Yes, SRA has lecturers to assist you with your studies.

You can also book a one-on-one coaching session with our lecturers at a nominal fee.


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