This course will take the learners through a detailed proven procedure for effective internal audits. Whilst the course is directed towards a SHE Management System, the principles can be applied to audit any SHE System /process. Plan and prepare for the audit process. Produce an audit plan. Inform affected stakeholders of audit plan.
Collect and record audit data. Evaluate findings for conformance/nonconformance to: · legislation, company policy and procedures. Compile, process and circulate the findings report to affected parties. Discuss audit findings and make suitable.
Recommendations with affected parties. Evaluate, record and process the corrective action(s) / improvements made.

This practical course will provide the successful learner with the necessary tools and skills to enable them to carry out hazard and risk assessments in their workplace. The aim of the course is to enable these people to make responsible and Informed contributions to the health and safety effort in their workplace. Explain the hazard identification and risk assessment processes. Explain the different types of hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace.
Select the appropriate hazard identification and risk assessment methods for different circumstances. Describe and apply the techniques used in hazard identification and risk assessment in the workplace.
Conduct a risk assessment using the HIRA methodology identify applicable control measures.

Upon completion of the course, the successful learner will understand how to adopt a detailed but simple approach to incident investigation procedures and techniques. Explain the specified requirements pertaining to conducting an investigation into workplace incidents.
Explain the relevant standards for an investigation into workplace incidents.
Explain the extent of the investigation.
Describe the relevant hazards and risks likely to be encountered during the investigation. Describe the purpose of conducting investigations into workplace incidents.prepare to gather data for the investigation. Verify the purpose and extent of the investigation. Verify the persons, tools, equipment and material as fit
for purpose and available

Candidates will be able to:
Explain the background and specified requirements. Pertaining to conducting an Root Cause Analysis investigation. Gather the correct type of information needed for
conducting an Root Cause analysis, as well as: – understanding the importance of the analysis of such information. Implement and use an RCA methodology, as well as the corrective and preventative actions aligned with the A SHEQ Management System. Enable their organisation to minimise incidents through applying RCA techniques. Identify the underlying reasons for incidents occurring and ensure the prevention of possible recurrences
help the learner ensure higher productivity, fewer incidents and a more.

The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with the ability to plan, implement and maintain a HSE management system.
SAQA ID: 224283 NQF Level: 5
IOSH: Safety Technician Level 3 (United Kingdom).
1. Legislation.
2. Safety Management.
3. Health Management.
4. Environmental Management.
5. Risk Assessments [HIRA].
6. Management Principles.
7. SHE Management Systems
SHEMTech TM [Safety Health and Environmental Management Technology] is accredited Internationally through the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)of the United Kingdom.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is one of the Chartered body for health and safety professionals in South Africa and Worldwide. They were founded in 1945 and have been registered as a non profit organisation since 1962. In 2002 they were awarded a Royal Charter.

As the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world, IOSH has more than 40,000 individual members in 99 countries. Across the world, two million people die every year as a result of health and safety failures therefore they are committed to creating “A world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable”.


  • Once the learners has completed the SHEMTech TM Qualification and is found competent with their 6 month Portfolio of Evidence (practical implementation of an integrated SHE Systems), a verification by IOSH can be done and learners will then qualify to register as Safety Technicians Level 3 (Tech IOSH).
  • Students will undergo a process of continuous professional development [CPD] and can attain a higher professional status with IOSH
  • Members of IOSH may also benefit from Workplace Shadowing Schemes where learners are given their first taste of hands-on experience in health and safety.
  • As the world’s biggest professional health and safety body, IOSH can network SHE Professionals from diverse employment sectors and educational backgrounds with some of the most prestigious and high profile companies worldwide.