• OHS ACT 85/1993

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This course focuses on assisting SHE persons in recording, reporting and investigating injuries and diseases at work

Learner objectives

  • Explain the basic knowledge of the Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Disease Act, 130 of 1993
  • Describe the standard procedure of the reporting of an occupational accident or disease
  • Describe the compensation procedure for occupational injuries and diseases


This course focuses specifically on the legal requirements pertaining to the Construction Trade.

Learner objectives

  • Understanding the requirements of the Construction Regulations
  • Understanding the methods and practices for legal compliance
  • Understand the specific rules and guidelines pertaining to site risks.
  • Understanding the key requirements of risk assessments, H&S Specifications, H&S Plans
  • Understand the key responsibilities of the Client, Agent, Principle Contractor and Contractors


A course focused on the Legal Liability of all employers , directors and management structures.
Understand your liability within Law and the personal implications regarding fines, imprisonment and other forms of prosecution.

Learner objectives

  •     The statutory requirements of Health, Safety and Environmental legislation
  •     The key duties of the Employer, Employee, SHE Reps, SHE Committees and Department of Labour structures as per Act 85/1993
  •     Understand liability with the law and the criminal implications on the Employer and Employee structures
  •     Understand the regulatory requirements pertaining to organisational risk

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT (O.H.S ACT 85/1993) – Level 1 and Level 2+

This course is designed for awareness of the Health & Safety Legislation.

Learner objectives

  •     Know the requirements of H&S legislation
  •     Apply regulatory requirements to daily work procedures
  •     Understand legal compliance issues 50 sections of the Act (1 day) Specific regulations (2 – 10 days)


(Inclusive of Advanced Health and Safety Training Course)

Learners will learn to apply safety, health and environmental principles and
procedures in a workplace to contribute to safe and healthy working environment and to assist
management in implementing SHE management programs in the workplace.

Learner objectives

  • Explain the SHE environmental requirements applicable to a workplace
  • Apply SHE principles and procedures in a workplace
  • Exercise SHE responsibilities in a workplace
  • Understand the effects of exposure to hazardous environmental conditions


This is vital course for all SHE Administrator. Learners will familiarised themselves with development of Standards and Procedures based on the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and National Safety Council (USA) criteria.

Learner objectives

  • Describe the importance of standards and procedures in a workplace
  • Understand the guidelines needed to formulate internationally aligned standards and procedures
  • Formulate standards and procedures for safety, health and environmental risks
  • Align the standards and procedures to national and international statutory requirements

SHEMTech™ INTERNATIONAL is a world class internationally accredited training programme that is designed to enable candidates, who are seeking a career within the Occupational SHE Risk Management Field, to become highly competent professionals. The programme enables learners to competently manage the day to day functions and requirements of the SHE Systems. Learners undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training which has been developed through tried and tested international methods and practices. Learners are exposed to the workings of legislation and risk control strategies within the framework of ISO 14001 systems and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45000)* systems.

This course is further aligned to international practices such as the National Safety Council [USA]; British Vocational General Certificate [NEBOSH] and ISO systems. Successful learners will become competent in the Planning, Implementing & Maintenance of International SHE Risk Management Systems. Candidate who also study the National Diploma in Safety Management or similar Diploma’s and Degrees enjoy the benefits that this powerful course offers in supporting those Diplomas and Degrees.

With our programmers 22 years of national and international experience, you will know that you have finally arrived! Our current learner placements speaks volumes. Our learners may be found practicing in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa and South Africa.
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Learner objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge on reading and interpreting SHE Legislation
  • Develop Risk Based Legal Registers for SHE Laws
  • Describe the concepts and procedures used for Risk Assessments
  • Develop Risk Assessment Tools to conduct integrated risk assessments
  • Conduct Integrated SHE Risk Assessments
  • Understand and apply the theories and philosophies of incidents and incident investigations
  • Understand and apply the common Safety, Health and Environmental Principles and Procedures
  • Develop Risk Based SHE Risk Management Systems (policies, procedures, standards, work instructions etc based on ISO Practices
  • Develop Evaluation and Monitoring tools to assess Key Performance Areas
  • Understand the function and methods used for Internal Auditing

Course accolades:

Accredited Internationally through the (IOSH) INSTITUTE OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY HEALTH in The United Kingdom.

Accredited Nationally through the (MERSETA) MANUFACTURING, ENGINEERING AND RELATED SERVICES SETA (Standard 244283) and The South African Institute of Occupational Safey and Health (SAIOSH).

Also endorsed by IoSM (Institute of Safety Managers of South Africa).

Learners also qualify International at Safety Technicians Level 3 rating through IOSH – UK

Note: SAMTRAC™ (NOSA) learners who do not qualify for IOSH-Safety Technician Level 3 may seek Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) through SRA SHE Solutions. Current SAMTRAC™ (NOSA) learners who are unsuccessful with standard 244283 may also seek RPL. 

Successful learners will receive conversion certification from SAMTRAC™ (NOSA) to SHEMTech International and may then apply for IOSH – Safety Technician Level 3.

(SAMTRAC and NOSA are trademarks of the MICROmega holdings group)





This outcomes based training program introduces and skills learners on International SHE Auditing practices (ISO 14000; OHSAS 18000 series and the SRA Integrated Series). Learners are given hands on skills needed to plan Audits; conduct Audits and Report on Audit findings. Step by step workshops and in-class activities are used to further reinforce the competencies of the learner.

Learner objectives:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Auditing Team
  • Development and application of Auditing Working Documents
  • Types of Auditing Evidence and Sampling Technique
  • Verification of Audit Evidence
  • Key considerations to follow during audits
  • Evaluation and Reporting on Audit Findings